Polished Aluminum Cleaner


Handy Helper's Polished Aluminum Cleaner is safe for polished aluminum, metals, and is better for employee safety. It will not etch glass, is pleasantly scented and economical. This cleaner is very fast acting on concrete and lime, as it descales and cleans while being environmentally sustainable.

Directions: Dilute 4 parts water with 1 part cleaner. For heavy cleaning, use undiluted. Spray or foam liberally onto surface, allow to work for 2 minutes, and rinse with high pressure water.

Bubble Blast

foam detergent

Handy Helper Bubble Blast is a high foaming cleaner used through foam wands for cleaning equipment and vehicles. It is safe to use on polished aluminum. 

Directions: Dilute 64:1 with water and apply with air injection through a foam brush.