bio-based Ready-Mix Concrete remover

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Directions: Apply Handy Helper Chisel to vehicle, equipment, or tools undiluted. Apply by spraying area to be cleaned starting at the bottom and working upwards. Allow cleaner to penetrate and dissolve soil for five minutes. Reapply for heavy soil. Rinse clean with fresh, high pressure water from a power washer. Safe for use on glass, painted surfaces, aluminum, chrome, or steel.

  • Environmentally sustainable science-backed technology
  • Outperforms "hard-acid" inorganics
  • Safer for employees and trucks
  • Reduces equipment downtime failures
  • Reduces overall maintenance operating costs

Are you looking for the best cleaner on the market for your ready-mix truck fleet? Then take a look at Chisel. 

Customers were demanding a safer product for their employees and trucks. We went to the laboratory and developed a concrete cleaner based on products found in the sugar-byproduct industry. Through science backed technology, not only is Chisel based on environmentally-sustainable technology, it also outperformed every acid we have in removing concrete from trucks.

Another benefit of using Chisel is the improvement in fleet durability. Because Chisel is organic-based, it does less damage than the "hard acids" when applied to: aluminum, insulated wiring, braking systems, controls, paint, steel, glass, rubber sealing, or most other surfaces found on your trucks. Comprehensively, you will see lower fleet-maintenance costs with fewer down-time hours when you switch to Chisel from your existing inorganic "hard acid".

photo below: an ecu air brake system in premature failure due to the use of hard acids in cleaning.


Chisel being applied to a concrete truck